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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school and their Curriculum Responsibility!
Mrs P Ward - Headteacher, Assessment and Curriculum.
Mrs S Mander - Deputy Head, NQT Mentor, English Leader, Languages
Mr S Brooks , Year 6 Teacher, Maths Leader, Troops to Teachers Mentor
Mr R Allen - Year 4 Teacher
Miss S Curle - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs S Cardwell - Year 2 Teacher, NQT Mentor, STEM, Phonics, Interactive Learning Environment.
Miss A Taylor - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs J Habershon - EYFS Leader, SEND, Student Mentor
Mrs Z Hirst  - FS Teacher, SPaG
Mrs S Rasdale - FS Teacher
Mrs J Crawford - Class 7 Teacher, Resource Manager, DCPO, None Core Curriculum Leader.
Miss L Ibbotson - Class 7 Teacher, Technology Computing, Web-site, E-Safety
Miss E Marlow - Class 5 Teacher, Novel Study.
Mrs K Watts - Year 5 LSA
Mrs K Woodcock -  HLTA, Art and Design, Learning Environments, Events.
Mrs K Beeley - Year 2 LSA
Mrs B Dewsnap - Year 3 LSA
Mrs L Leitch - Year 4 LSA
Mrs A Langley -  Year 4 LSA 
Mrs B Rusling - FS LSA
Mrs Y Sandford - FS LSA
Mrs J Rookes - Class 7 LSA
Miss L Russell - Year 1 LSA
Mrs W Hales - Learning Mentor, Breakfast Club, Fresh Start.
Mr R Smith - Sports Coach, PE Lead, Extended School Lead, Positive Playground.
Mr J Blackmore - Year 3 LSA
Mrs P Barker - FS LSA

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